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The complete Do-It-Yourself Hatchery and Nursery Kit with an very low electricity demand. All prefab in The Netherlands to be assembled as an easy ‘plug and play’ package. Full support is provided: • Construction manual • Personal support

Units: • Quarantine (RAS) • Spawning (Semi flow-through) • Incubation (RAS) • Swim-Up (RAS) • Primary Nursery (Hapa)


New broodstock is stocked for at least 21 days in a quarantine system. The fish is observed and eventually treated.

Before stocking the broodstock this system is seriously disinfected and dried for two weeks.

This recirculation system is the same as the Swim-up System and can be used as such when not in use as quarantine system.

Electricity: 105 Watt/hour (Pump = 40 Watt, UV = 40 Watt, Aeration = 25 Watt)


Before stocking the broodstock in the spawning tanks for reproduction the fish is grown to the right size in hapas under controlled conditions.

The same system as the spawning unit can be used.

Electricity: 0


Broodstock for reproduction is stocked in hapas in the spawning systems.

Most easy handling are hapas in concrete tanks but also a spawning pond is an option. This system is semi flow-through.

Electricity: 0


After harvest the eggs and hatch-lings are stocked in MacDonald jars of the incubation system.

Electricity: 80 Watt/hour (Pump = 40 Watt, UV = 40 Watt)


The swim-up fry is stocked for 3-5 weeks in a Swim-up system. In this recirculation system they grow till 0.2 gram (3-weeks) or 0.5 gram (5 weeks). Grading, standard prevention protocols and eventually treatments are standard procedures during this period.

Electricity: 105 Watt/hour (Pump = 40 Watt, UV = 40 Watt, Aeration = 25 Watt)



After the swim-up period the fry is transferred to hapas in nursery ponds. This hapa has a mesh-size of 1 mm (0.2 gram fry) and 3-5 mm (0.5 gram fry).

They grow till 3-5 gram before stocking in secondary nursery followed by (pre-)on-growing.


Electricity: 0

We prefer an indoor hatchery!

      • Climate control (Day/night temperature)
      • Hygiene
      • Protected

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