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The advantages:

"Potential of Tilapia YY technology" (Global Aquaculture Advocate, 2014)

YY-Technology versus Hormone sex reversal

- No use of hormones during the production process of the YY-males

- No use of hormones in your production process

- Easy to use: stock your broodstock as usually - Works ALWAYS in your farm: always > 95% males

- No risk of hormones in consumption fish

- No daily contact with hormones

- No environmental harm

- No ecological impact

(masculinisation of females (these phenotypically males are genetically still XX-female!) --> natural environment (restocking or escapees) --> production of only females in the natural environment)

- No decrease in fish resistance: testosterone weakens the fish defense system (Harris_and_Bird, 2000). The immune system isn't build up during the first weeks of fish life. Especially the protection by the skin (mucus) is lost giving parasites free access.

Hematological and biochemical characters of monosex Tilapia cultivated using methyltestosterone

Meghowon and Mojekwa, 2014,Testosterone and its effect on Fish, Man and environment

Til-Aqua Silver

Til-Aqua Silver (Oreochromis niloticus) broodstock for the production of Wildtype Nile Tilapia. Ideal for bigger market size fish or filleting.

Highly reproductive with a male ratio of > 99%!

Grow easily up-to one kilo with a fillet percentage of 33-35%.

Also our YY-males with females of other strains, like the Kenyan local strain and a GIFT strain, give excellent results: male-ratio up-to 96%!

Til-Aqua Red

Til-Aqua Red broodstock (Oreochromis niloticus) for the production of very nice looking consumption fish. Ideal for sale as whole fish of 350 - 500 gram.

Highly reproductive with a male ratio of > 96%.

Grow easily up-to 500 gram for sale as whole fish.

Also excellent growth under SALT-water culture!

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