The Concept

Tilapia Hatchery Management System

Download here The Concept (PDF, 30 pages how to set-up a Tilapia hatchery)

Since 1990 we have gained vast experience in tilapia breeding. We defined protocols to produce all-male fry in the most efficient way for the Tilapia industry. Extensive breeding programs resulted in excellent performing all-male Tilapia producing Broodstock. In The Netherlands we specialize in working with Recirculation Technology for Aquaculture. Based on this technology, we have combined our experience and our knowledge of low budget solutions to come up with a complete prefab Hatchery and Nursery Kit. Very easy to assemble with clear instructions; distant as well as local support. All is covered in our intensive training programs to bring you at the same level as we are now……. But only in a few weeks’ time!

The Broodstock

YY-Technology – The way to produce all male Tilapia without the use of hormones. Therefore we call our fish Natural Male Tilapia (NMT™).

The use of 17@-Methyltestosterone has shown to have serious impact on the fish resistance. Up to 75% mortality is often accepted when sex-reverse hormones are used. Also the impact on ecosystem, direct or indirect is serious. 50% of the sex-reversed males are genetically still female (XX)!

• ALWAYS works (Always > 95% males; our Silver/Wildtype even 99%!)

• No harm for your employees

• No ecological harm - normal (XY) males

• Easy to use; stock your broodstock as usual.

• No decrease in fish resistance

See also YY-Technology versus hormone sex-reverse

The Kit

A complete Do-It-Yourself Hatchery and Nursery Kit. All prefab in The Netherlands to be assembled as an easy ‘plug and play’ package. Full support is provided:

• Construction manual


• Quarantine (RAS) - Low electricity/solar possible)

• Spawning (Semi flow-through - No electricity)

• Incubation (RAS) - Low electricity/solar possible)

• Swim-Up (RAS) - Low electricity/solar possible

• Primary Nursery (Hapa) - No electricity

The Training and Support

The best way of learning how to manage a tilapia Hatchery? Simply by doing it. But this time without learning from your own mistakes….. In the past we made them already for you so please learn from us in short time.

Our Internships, Externships or even more enhanced training programs: we are there to work WITH you. Providing all our knowledge during this practical education, we also supply this information for future reference (manual, instruction video, factsheets).

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