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Tilapia is one of the most important groups of farmed fish. In this industry an all-male population is preferred because of optimal performance. Trying to reach such a population, each year tons of Methyl-Testosterone are used worldwide. This enormous amount of hormones used in animal production is absurd for a modern society where sustainability and food-safety have top-priority. Next to that, there are several side effects.

Modern YY-Technology uses the natural capacities of tilapia and environmental friendly genetic selection to produce all-male tilapia fry without the use of any hormones: Natural Male Tilapia (NMT™)! After 12 years of selective breeding we are now ready for the future: our Wildtype Oreochromis niloticus (Til-Aqua Silver) has a 99% male-ratio and performs excellent under a wide range of conditions.

Til-Aqua Silver NMT (Oreochromis niloticus L., Wildtype)